Private Valet Events

Seattle Valet Services


Expert Valet Service. Exceptional Customer Service.


We believe that valeting is more than simply parking cars. Our mission is to ensure that every guest we serve feels special, secure, and respected. Our knowledgeable staff, expert execution, and exceptional customer service are unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. 

You can expect courteous, professional attendants to arrive on-time and fully equipped for any weather or parking needs, including reflective signage, umbrellas, and secure key podiums. They welcome your guests with a personal greeting and the assurance that their cars are in the finest care. We offer a variety of uniforms to suit all occasions – from tuxedos to polo shirts. Our standard uniform is pressed black slacks, blue oxford dress shirts, and crisp, white jackets with our familiar Butler Valet logo.  Complimentary site evaluations are performed for every event, and we create a detailed plan to ensure a flawless event. 

Since our inception in 1994, Butler Valet has continued to build an outstanding reputation, and we are recognized as the leading professional valet service in the Pacific Northwest.