Private Event Clients

Seattle Valet Services


Expert Valet Service. Exceptional Customer Service.


We believe that being a valet is more than simply parking cars. Our mission is to ensure that every guest we serve feels welcome, special, secure, and respected. Our knowledgeable staff, expert execution, and exceptional customer service are unmatched in the Pacific Northwest.


You can expect courteous, professional attendants to arrive on-time and fully equipped. We have a range of vehicles from Mercedes Benz cars and Sprinters to help facilitate and execute your event.


We can also provide Event Parking Coordination & Traffic Marshaling/Directing services. Butler has the experience to manage and direct the safe movement of traffic for your event, optimize the use of parking space, as well as minimize congestion. Our parking directors are trained in traffic management and will arrive prepared with safety equipment, including Class 3 reflective safety vests, LED traffic wands, and communication devices.


Many of our clients take their privacy extremely seriously and the Butler staff understand this need and are committed to maintaining discretion upon request.


It’s not uncommon that when a client calls and requests for valet services, that they actually need something else entirely.  If we can’t help, we are happy to make recommendations, steering them in the right direction.


Since our inception in 1994, Butler Valet has always maintained an outstanding reputation, and today it is recognized as the leading professional valet service in the Pacific Northwest.