Our History

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Two brothers, college students at the time, worked together managing the valets for one of Seattle’s iconic seafood restaurants.  Not only did Stuart and Jeremy manage the valets for Ray’s Boathouse but they also bused and waited tables to make ends meet. They loved working at Ray’s. It always had great food, a great view and great energy created by the regulars, the tourists and the crew. They couldn't have asked for a better job than spending time greeting guests and running for cars on a gorgeous summer day. The rainy days the PNW are known for weren’t so bad either.

In the Fall of 1994, the management of Ray’s approached the Butler boys and told them that they had made the difficult decision to no longer have valets as part of their crew but would rather be accepting proposals from local companies to manage the parking. Stuart and Jeremy loved their valet jobs so they quickly scrambled to create a company, a competitive proposal and within 30 days Butler Valet was born. What a blessing that one decision made by Ray’s has been!  

The brothers completed their education and ran their small business all the while searching for what could become their individual lifelong careers.  Each tried different occupations but after a few years both came to the realization that Butler Valet was the job paying the bills. Better yet, it was also providing them with the challenges they longed for, fulfilling them personally and bringing them happiness.  Realizing how lucky they were, the brothers left their jobs to focus all their energy on growing their business. With hard work, a great work ethic, creative vision, exemplary customer service, long hours, and efficient business practices, Butler Valet evolved into Butler Valet & Transportation.  Today their business also offers custom tours, produces hospitality shows and is known as Butler Seattle.

Stuart, Jeremy and their business have come far since 1994. Today Butler Seattle is an award winning company and the brothers are recognized as business leaders and mentors.  Their story is truly the American Dream realized!